Current FCRT Advocacy

FCRT's mission states that it is:


Committed to promoting the Clinton River Trail
as a safe and enjoyable recreational destination.


Most of the group's energies go to advocacy, with a clear set
of goals established:


Short term:  Safe Crossings

Mid-term:  One Trail/Five Cities

Mid-to-long-term:  Complete the Remaining Gap (Pontiac)

Long term:  World-Class Destination Trail


One of the short-term goals we have been focusing on is the creation of a safe crossings at street interesctions, particularly along Orchard Lake Road. In 2014 a High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk, or HAWK beacon was installed in Sylvan Lake, where the trail crosses Orchard Lake Road.  Another will be installed in 2022 in Pontiac, where Orchard Lake Road is crossed again. Between the CRT and the West Bloomfield Trail, the trails cross Orchard Lake Road five times, and two more HAWKs are scheduled for installation on the WBT in fall of 2022.


If you have any questions about the current advocacy initiatives, or would like to suggest a new one, please attend a FCRT meeting, or  send us an email.



FCRT has produced a brochure intended to educate trail users (and motorists) about the unique properties of the HAWK beacon.


Get the brochure - and watch our new video about the HAWK, too.

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